Jay Oliva is a Producer, Director, and Storyboard Artist who has worked in film, television, and video games. 

Cinematic Storyboard Class Overview

When - Subject to availability but usually three times a year.

Spring term: January - April

Summer term: June - August

Fall term: October - December


Loyola Marymount University

1 LMU Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90045


Course Overview:

Cinematic Storyboard 1 is a good introduction to doing production boards for Television and Film. The material covered will pertain to many genres of storytelling and will focus on key concepts for the aspiring artist to build upon.

The main focus will be developing a visual storytelling style as well as story development and acting.


Cinematic Storyboard 2 is the follow up class that takes the core concepts of the first class and goes into further detail.

This class will focus on action choreography.

Topics include hand to hand, weapon play, gunplay, and vehicle choreography in film.


Cinematic Storyboard 3 covers more advanced techniques and focuses on the abilities and skills needed to be a director.

Topics include scene and script analysis, Art direction, managing your artists, and Analysis and Breakdown of various Genres.